Interior Industrial Painting

Interior painting is a is the best way to improve the look and safety of your facility. Your employees and facility are among your most important assets. Keep your people safe and your building looking its best with a fresh coat of paint. Proper lighting can prevent many work related accidents, and the best way to get the most of your lighting system is to have a bright and shiny surface for the light to reflect from. If your ceiling and walls are dark and dirty, no light is leaving the surface. It’s all being absorbed by the dark colors. Give Collins Industrial Services a call, we can quickly paint the inside of your building to create a more safe and attractive work area.

A new coating not only increases safety, it also helps to attract better employees and more customers. When potential new customers, or new hires, walk into your facility; it’s important that it looks its best. Often times, presentation is as important as the product.

Your building was a huge investment in capital, like any investment it needs to be protected. Paint doesn’t just make things look better, its primary function is protection from oxidation. In the United States we spend $279 billion, annually, on corrosion repairs. Paint is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to prevent corrosion in your facility.

Paint your way to cheaper insurance premiums! If it has been years or decades since your building has been cleaned or painted, you may be losing money in insurance premiums. Oil, weld dust and other contaminants in your ceiling and on your walls can be a fire hazard. Ceiling painting is one way to mitigate these hazards. Before we can paint anything, the surface must first be cleaned. We will remove all the weld dust, oil and other flammable debris from your ceiling and walls prior to painting. Eliminating flammable contaminants could very well lower your insurance premiums.

Not all industrial painting contractors are the same. No matter how good a painting project looks after completion it’s all for nothing if your equipment and machinery is damaged or needs heavy cleaning. Industrial painting is extremely invasive and can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage if the industrial painting contractor is inexperienced.

The key to success with any industrial painting project is preparation. It takes an experienced knowledgeable to properly prepare for you industrial painting project to insure that it is completed on time, within budget, but most importantly safely. We will meet with your management team in order to develop a plan that will best serve your needs and have you returned to full production as soon as possible.


At Collins Industrial Services, we understand that an industrial job takes a little more time and experience than your average company.

That’s why we offer a complete range of industrial services that will add a little color and sheen to your machinery, storage or work space.

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