Overlayment and Broadcasts

When it’s been a little too long between flooring treatments, or if your floor is expecting more abuse that most, an overlayment or broadcast system may be appropriate. Overlayment epoxy flooring systems are designed to resurface your floor; they cover holes, gouges, cracks, chips and pits with an epoxy silica mortar. Similar options include quarts broadcast, silica broadcast, flake broadcast and many others.

  • High film build for added protection
  • Coating thickness smoothes rough floors
  • High impact strength
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Longer time between maintenance coats


An overlayment system is an extremely thick film epoxy coating system. After a prime coat of 100% solids epoxy, a epoxy silica mortar is troweled over the primer at 1/4-1/2 inches. Once the mortar has had adequate time to harden, two seal coats of 100% solids epoxy are then applied. The overlayment and seal coats come in a wide array of colors to suit your companies needs. A final urethane topcoat is optional but highly recommended.

Broadcast Systems.

Broadcast systems are a middle ground between standard thin mil systems and overlayments. They generally cost less and have a larger variety of systems to offer. After a prime coat of 100% solids epoxy, a second coat of epoxy is applied; any number of materials can then be broadcast into the wet epoxy. Quartz and silica sand are the most common. Quartz has the added advantage of being pigmented, so it creates a visually striking and extremely durable coating. A silica sand broadcast is less decorative, but still very durable and utilitarian.

Flake Systems.

Flake systems are highly decorative and greatly increase frictional resistance. These epoxy coating systems are ideal for entry and walk ways. The multi colored flake are broadcast into the final coat of epoxy in the system. The flakes embed but remain raised above the epoxy increasing the frictional resistance and improving overall safety. Decorative epoxy flake systems can also be used to distinguish between different functional areas in your workspace. A different color of flake can be applied to walkways, production areas, break areas, loading docks, emergency evacuation paths etc. These distinctions will make your work space more safe by easily identifying different zones with your facility.


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