Industrial Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a method of abrasive blasting that uses carbon dioxide in solid form instead of more conventional media such as sand, coal slag, or corn cob.

Dry Ice Blasting propels high density ice pellets at the substrate sublimating on impact, because dry ice pellets are relatively soft compared to other types of blasting there is little transfer of kinetic energy and abrasion to the substrate.

The cleaning process depends largely on the inherent qualities of the dry ice. When it comes into contact with the surface being blasting it absorbs large amounts of heat producing shear stresses due to thermal shock. The contaminant then easily flakes off as it is bombarded with additional pellets. Additionally, when the pellets sublimate the gas expands nearly 200 times the size of the pellets, this causes microscopic shock waves aiding in the cleaning process.

Interior Substrates

Dry Ice Blasting is perfect for interior media blasting. In the case of peeling paint on a ceiling it only makes sense to use clean effective dry ice instead of coal slag or corn cob. Dry Ice Blasting is extremely effective at removing peeling or cracked coatings leaving no media behind to be removed.

Food Industry

Dry Ice Blasting is perfect for the food industry as it will decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes and is FDA approved.

Electrical Components

Most other forms of abrasive blasting are far too destructive for use in or around electrical components; because of the low level of kinetic energy transferred to the surface and the complete lack of moisture, Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for electrical components.

Delicate Substrates

In some cases the surface or substrate that needs to be cleaned cannot withstand abrasive blasting with the more destructive media; such as sensitive robotic components or fragile mechanical components. In these cases Dry Ice Blasting is a great alternative to safely and effectively clean the surface.


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