Water Jetting with 40,000 PSI

Yesterday, Aug 23th, we successfully completed the water jetting training course for equipment, accessories and most importantly safety on the 40,000 PSI units.

Water Jetting is a great tool for cleaning and removing coatings, 40,000 PSI with a rotating lance will easily remove and epoxy coating from a steel structure without the mess and hassle of dry media.

The primary advantage for the customer is speed. With water jetting we will be able to complete the project and have your facility back in full production much faster than with traditional media blasting. Because of the inherant properties of water there will be zero dust while we are blasting, and once the water dries the only debris are those which we removed from your structure. On large projects this means your facility can be back in operation much faster because we will not have to slow down or stop our process in order to clean up blasting media.

Additionally, no media (coal slag, shot, corn cob) to get in every nook it can find. Traditional media blasting is a lot like going to the beach, you are going to find sand everywhere for a long time after the project is complete (no matter how good the clean up is by the contractor).