Storage Tanks

Proper tank restoration and maintenance is vital to the longevity of your tank. Severe rust, left untreated, will greatly reduce the thickness of a steel tank; decreasing its strength and useful life span. Common problem areas include: weld joints, corners, edges, and crevices between two pieces of steel.

At first you will notice the coating on your tank will begin to chalk. This is because even the best coatings eventually break down under constant weather and UV exposure. Once your coating has begun to chalk it has already lost many of its protective qualities.

Once the surface has been prepared your contractor will likely apply a two coat system, at Collins Industrial Services our standard tank application consists of one coat of marine epoxy followed by a topcoat of polyurethane. Epoxy gives great film thickness and moisture protection, because of its thickness it works well as a basecoat that will adequately cover the surface profile of the substrate. The topcoat of polyurethane is applied for its resistance to condensation, mildew, chipping, UV radiation and color and gloss retention. Polyurethane has one of the longest service lives of any common exterior tank coating.