Roof Coatings

There are three major components to the aging of roofing products: sunlight/UV, heat and moisture. UV light is responsible for most of the damage to exposed roofing materials due to the subsequent photo-chemical reactions.

When added to heat, moisture increases the rates and severity of the deterioration process. When thinking of moisture or rain, we also have to think about the thermal shock associated with cool rain on a hot roof.

When choosing the correct coating it’s about using good science. A coating’s resin is what determines the chemistry of the coating, such as an acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, and so on. Having the proper mix of raw materials to give the coating the right performance characteristics on your roof is essential.

Adhesion is the most important quality coatings can have, if it doesn’t stick things like elongation, tensile strength and weatherability mean nothing. It is important for your contractor to perform an adhesion test on the roof with the desired coating.

There are 3 major reasons a coating will fail, adhesive failure, cohesive failure, and substrate failure. When choosing a contractor be sure they have the proper training and certifications to be able to correctly identify the differences. Not knowing the cause of a failure makes it impossible to deliver a solution.