Polyurea Crack Filling

Collins Industrial Services has recently purchased an AST GMP Metering Pump. So, we now provide the newest technology in Joint Filling, Concrete Restoration, Small Joint Sealing, Small Spall Repair, and Anchoring.

AST Pumps allow a contractor to fill cracks and repair joints with a multitude of highly sophisticated polyureas, unfilled urethanes, and unfilled epoxies.

What does this all mean to you? We can quickly fill joints and cracks with a rapid cure polyurea that will dry in 60 minutes, and eliminate cracks and joints. Additionally, the polyureas we use can elongate 460% so they will not crack and split as your floor expands and contracts with changing seasons.

Benefits Include:

  • 460% Elongation
  • Penetrates and fills without running
  • Sufficiently rigid to support heavy loads at joint edges
  • Flexible enough to absorb hard heavy wheeled traffic
  • Good wear resistance
  • Reduces stress cracking and telegraphing
  • Can be applied and cures at cold temperatures (-20F)